My FA page


I cannot seem to get the mouse over my airports thing to work.
only have one airport that reports weather listed, and nothing happens like I expected when I mouse over it???


It works okay for me using IE. For example, if I hover the cursor over the IFR or VFR, the METAR pops up in a tool tip-like box. If I stop it over the airport identifier the name of the airport pops up. Every one of the fields that are a code pop up with the description of the item, except for the Origin and Destination fields, which already have the name displayed. You do have to let the cursor completely stop for a second or so.

You might try adding a different airport in your profile just to make sure it is not an airport-specific issue. I am sure the the FA folks will also want to know what browser you are using in order to try to look into it further.


What web browser and version are you using?


Same thing happens on my end for some reason. Currently using Firefox 1.5 and IE6 (neither work).



I use IE6.
I went back and tried it again after I read BTaylor’s post.
It does pop up after you let the cursor rest. I guess my mouse is tired!


You move the mouse cursor over the text like “VFR” or “IFR” and you don’t see a little tool-tip next to the mouse cursor within a second or so?

Can you hover over airport names in other pages to see the city name, etc?


I think I cried WOLF to soon and was impatiant (sp) It does work. I just needed to wait a little longer.
Sorry for the false alarm!


Ahh, now I do.

Thanks for your help,



Good deal – glad that we’re all set.