My ADSB Data - Command Line


Is there a way to obtain the data from the Pi directly that would give ‘Aircraft Reported’ at specific times of the day. Appreciate the ‘Hourly received reports’ give similar but aircraft counted on that chart in a different way.

I’m thinking there is probably a way of doing it via crontab but unsure what data to access.


When the program is running created text file crafts_YYYYMMDD.txt, which are listed line by line recorded ADS-B information, for example:

4BAA45 TC-JRE Turkey A321 THY3982 6273 433.0 34016 352.0 51.60306 29.02343 1497942512972 20170620070832

YYYY - year, MM - month, DD - day

Code to export Virtual Radar Server flight records and track logs to a MySQL database. This is the code used to power Also includes example pages written in PHP to display flight info.

this is a suite of python & shell scripts that are used to log plane data from a running dump1090 instance, and place into a database that is equipped with Geographics Information System extensions. This allows interesting queries to be made on the data. There also programs that make plots and animations of the flight data in both 2 and 3 dimensions.

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Don’t specifically want to create a database, was more looking for something simple like;

cat /var/log/“some log file” | grep aircraft

Appreciate it wont be quite as simple as ‘aircraft’ but that was all I was looking for.