Total Aircraft Tracked


Hi all,

New user here been enjoying tracking aircraft in my area. My question is: How do i see my total aircraft tracked in total. Once I am running for months and even longer is there a way to view that count?




Your FlightAware myADSB stats page has this information.

You can get your page on the FlightAware homepage by click on the “my ADS-B” link at the top.

Aircraft total seen per day
1/23/2018 1,325
1/22/2018 1,709
1/21/2018 1,565


Thanks for the info but what if i want to see totals for 6 months or even longer? Do I have to pull the data file off the pi?


The stats ranking is based off the last month of feeding data. We archive the stats page data but only have about 1 month accessible through the FlightAware stats page.

There is no data is stored on the Raspberry Pi. The data feeds goes to FlightAware and also to your RPi local ports. You can process the data feed for longer term storage or send the data to a ADSB server for processing.

The microSD cards are not made for type database storage. Some people have made programs to do this locally on the SD card. You can find more information on this forums. Just know that this will wear out your SDcard faster than normal.

One of the more popular ADSB servers is “virtual radar server”. It will connect to the PiAware port and process and store the data.