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Exporting hourly received reports

Good evening,

I would like to export the hourly received reports. Would like to compare the number of planes I see. Of course I could make a print screen or something, but would like to export to Excel if possible.

Does anyone know if this is possible. Or perhaps there is another option to export/save data from my feeder.

for example Download your statistics into MS Excel CSV format
Daily Log/E-Mail Aircraft Report directly on your RaspberryPi

I used the second script mentioned in the previous post for quite a while.
The problem is that it counts unique aircraft only. If an aircraft passes your receiver twice but with different flight numbers (inbound and outbound), it is still counted only once.

In the first link i suggested to setup a virtualradarserver which can be running on the same raspberry.
This offers a database solution which logs all flights seen by your receiver.

Or you can do the hardcore version:

  • Get the aircraft.json via cron job every few minutes and write it to a json file
  • Convert the json to CSV/Excel
  • Remove the duplicates where registration, flightnumber and datae are identical

Thank you both for the reply.

I have been “studying” the solutions you gave for the last two days. I am somewhat afraid to make the changes to my SD card. ( Afraid making stupid mistakes)
I found an example of the VRS, but could not see the database example.
As said I am interested in the hourly reports. Would that be possible in the database option in VRS?

I know I have a awful lot to learn.

Then create a new sd-card to experiment.

If you’re done experimenting … switch back.

Yes I know this solution, but thank you for reminding :wink:

Not that i am aware of. The VRS database logs a flight/aircraft whenever it appears on the screen. So it is more a continous stream.
Per default the database format is SQLite. With an appropriate tool you can export the data to e.g. Excel

To convert the sqlite into Excel would not be a problem. There are great tools for that
But I guess what I would like to “collect” is not possible.
Well I could do it by hand of course. Writing down the details from the hourly reports. Will keep me busy and off the streets😉

Bu thanks anyway

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The records do have several date/time stamps. You might be able to filter/group by this.
If you’re interested i can share a DB file for testing purposes

Oh that would be great. THANK you

Will you it be sending here or in our other conversation!

I’ve sent you details via PN

make backup

Thank you for the reply.

Still learning:)
Will create a backup on a USB on the Raspberry.
As I am working on a Mac, things are a little bit different.