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Download your statistics into MS Excel CSV format

I would like to extract my statistics in MS Excel CSV format to manipulate…

I would like to see what airlines and flight numbers are in range and their schedules and potentially destinations…etc…basically do some statistical analysis…

Your Stats from Flightaware or from your local receiver?
I use both, for the local thing there are some python scripts available

For the stats there’s unfortunately no option. I do this manually from time to time using copy&paste

The information that I’ve generated is nice to look at in Flightware, but I would like to download all of it to analyze in Excel, for example I could break down how many flights per airline I see, what their flight numbers are and potentially what time I see them, it’s more of curiosity than anything plus it’s easy to do in Excel…I also have a major Naval Air Station near me and I see flights leaving there often during the day and would like to know how many…basic stuff…

Then you need a local solution with script.
An easy way would be using VRS (VirtualRadarServer). This offers a database where all your registered aircraft/flights are documented. With an appropriate tool you can run your reports.

But this works only on the aircraft your station is registering.

Thanks, I am fairly new to ADS-B and did not know about this tool. I am only concerned about the aircraft I’m registering so it should work.

That’s what i am doing here since months. I was also thinking about a solution and used a script creating a CSV file.
Then i moved to VRS which offers more information.

It runs on a raspberry, setting it up requires some skills, but there are tutorials available for doing it.

I am doing that now, I have new PI 4 with 8gb of memory, plus my linux skills are rusty to say the least. but it’s fun to tinker with…plus i’ve been using the rabbit ears that come with the RTL-SDR, I have the Flightaware antenna on order, plus I’m a Ham Radio Operator and have a tripod that i can get the antenna up to more than 20ft if I need to…even with the rabbit ear I can pickup plans 50-100 miles away with ease and look forward to expanding that some with the antenna

Then you should be able to install VRS as well :slight_smile:

This tutorial should help:

I there are two different preview versions available on the webpage for Linux. You should go with the latest Preview 3 version. Don’t forget to install the web interface and the database writer

That’s all you need so far.
Database will be in SQLite format. So you can extract the data there with any tool supporting it.

I am running it as a service to keep it monitored in case it crashes.

Got it working, trying to change the default port thew me off for a couple of minutes, but once I got that working, no problem…Now that I have it working playing with some of the options in the web interface…thanks for turning me onto the tool

No problem.
I would also suggest to run a cron script for backing up at least the database frequently.