My ADS-B View live data

Since most of us now have to use /dump1090/gmap.html to view live data, can the link on the My ADS-B page be changed?

We do?

You can install a redirect page or a bounce page. I use a bounce page, so I can select one of a few different dump1090/html directories.

Flightaware’s pages should work with Flightware’s packages.
If you (ok, we… ) decide to install some other variant of some package, we should not expect the world to change.

Perhaps a better approach is to suggest that Flightaware adopt your favorite variant of some package into their officially supported package.


Exactly. Everyone’s setup is different. But more specifically, why do you have your system setup with such an unnecessarily long URL? Change the web server settings to make gmap.html your index file and dump1090 your root.

Maybe the better question is request the FA web site to be modified to allow you to enter a custom address for your local equipment.

The link on the stats page is generally going to reflect whatever the standard image does. If you know enough to be running a custom setup… presumably you also know how to find the right page for your setup :slight_smile:

At some point that URL will probably start pointing to just http:/// as I’m moving the piaware image to use a regular webserver on port 80 with some sort of landing page there.