Share ads-b receiver Links

Would be great if we were able to share each others direct link to our receivers and location.

Here is mine:

Located in Southern New Jersey

Here’s mine (I havent tested it from out side the sub-net yet, but hopefully working

PM for access

East Midlands, UK


Does anyone have the code to make the webpage timeout if there is no mouse or keyboard action in X minutes?

At one point, I had a scrolling set of pictures on my website. Someone visited the page but forgot to close down their browser or computer for several days. It worked out to be more data being sent over my internet connection than I expected. Yeah, I probably could have designed that one differently.

The same thing will happen with the dump1090 webpage if someone forgets and leaves their browser running. Every second or so the browser will get updated positions for each aircraft.

Before advertising my dump1090 page, I would like to find a way to stop the fetching of data after some period of inactivity on the keyboard or mouse. VRS does this today.

good point

here is mine merged from two locations in northwest Germany:
Removed URL as all my data except for MLAT is fed to FlightAware and OpenSky. See this posting how to improve your local dump1090-fa webserver to show an extended coverage:

how do you share your dump1090 link