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Remote setup and dump1090's output

I already have an adsb receiver and I already share the data with flightaware, but I have just purchased a new antenna, and a new raspberry, to put in a house that is connected to the internet with a 4g router.
Now I can connect it to flightaware but I cannot access the web page (not having a public IP address as it is connected via a sim)
What I would like to do is use dump1090’s beast mode output in VirtualRadar

I’ve a similar setup with a friend. Both are running VRS, on my device i simply use the “rebroadcast” functionality which pushes the data to the receiver of my friend. There a receiver need to be set which then shows the data i am sending in.

The only thing you need is the IP Adress of the receiving device, this is the adress you need to broadcast data to.

Most probably you need a kind of tunnel between sites, as it’s almost impossible to pass the double NAT that most of mobile providers do.
That depends on the capabilities of both routers or devices at the ends and usually one of them must expose a port to the other one to be able to open the tunnel.

it was just what I was thinking but I don’t know how to configure it …
Is anyone capable of it?

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