Looking for California receivers to share data....


As an experiment, I am looking for a couple receivers in CA to share their dump1090 ADS-B with my receiver. I would prefer receivers located in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Fransisco areas.

I have been experimenting with dump1090’s built-in ADSBHUB function and find it can be useful in providing data where coverage is low due to site location and terrain.
This site explains it all. http://goughlui.com/2013/07/16/increasing-ads-b-reach-with-dump1090/

If you decide to aide me with this experiment, let me know via private message, provide your location and when you can start netcasting data to my Pi.



ssh into your Raspberry Pi running dump1090. You can netcast your ADS-B data to me on port 30001 by typing the following:

nc 30002 | nc 30001

Example: nc 30002 | nc 30001

Let it run, let me know it is running. This will not effect your ADS-B data at all.

Well, I saw someone in the northeastern US/Canada netcast data to me, but it dropped quickly.

Ok, I guess I will have to open the experiment up to anyone who wants to participate. :smiley:

This feeder does not have an antenna attached, it is getting its ADS-B data from another unit 5 miles away and at 1500" in elevation.


270+ readers of this post and not one volunteer to assist in the experiment… :unamused:

Building an aggregator is a bit more involved than opening up a port and asking for volunteers…