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A web view without the right data column?

Using SA dump1090-fa (recently updated).
Is there a parameter to add to the browser that only starts a map view?
I have the standard view running on a large monitor, but want to have another view running on a small monitor where I only see the map.
I can see people are modifying the gmap file, but I guess I loose my standard view then :slight_smile:
br Lars

By clicking on that symbol dump1090-fa shows the map only.


Ok, missing information… I do not have a keyboard or mouse connected, so it needs to be done automatically when the browser is launched (which is done automatically after boot).


You can do &lat=50&lon=10&zoom=10 as well, but it’s easier to move it to the correct location and then let the browser remember it. (connect mouse for setup)


Thanks, also got the tar1090 installed now :slight_smile: (I’m obviously hopelessly behind…)

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