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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

I have for some time modified my own web interface for dump1090-fa.
This was mainly to have better performance in the browser when using the function “Show All Tracks” and zooming or moving the map while all tracks are showing.

Additionally this web interface offers the 1 hour history fine grained at 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds like the original webinterface.
(this can be configured, defaults subject to change)
The history is created by a small script and copied to another directory, where it is bundled and compressed for faster transfer.
There is no playback feature, the history merely serves to show the track of aircraft upon loading.

The web interface leaves the original /dump1090-fa SkyView intact.
To access the customized interface, replace /dump1090-fa with /tar1090 in the URL.

Finally got around to combining everything into a nice form and making an install script.

If anyone wants to give it a try, it’s on github like all my stuff:

Don’t expect anything crazy though, it’s pretty much like SkyView with a few customizations.

You can chose from a couple of maps using this symbol: Screenshot%20from%202019-08-06%2007-23-38

Enough text, let me know if it works for you :slight_smile:


Great job!!

Works like a charm and will be my new default view:


Looks like i forgot to remove my terrain limit outline :slight_smile:

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Do i need to install it again after you changed it?

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That wouldn’t even help, just remove the file or replace it with your own:

done -> works


What tar1090 stands for?

It’s a historic name.
Tar is a linux/unix utility to combine multiple files into a single file and separate them again when needed.

The main thing first was the combining of a large number of history files, that’s where the name came from.

Do you have any suggestions for catchy names? :wink:

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I like it, especially the Wikimedia Maps usage. A little darker so the planes and trails can be viewed much easier.

And i have the feeling the map works a bit faster on scrolling and zooming.

The wikimedia tile server isn’t as overloaded as the openstreetmap tile servers.

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Raspbian Buster fresh image (no package or software installed yet)


Even after restart, Ctrl+Shift+Delete and Ctrl+F5


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Ahah, this is the view I’ve had on the MTG public view :slight_smile: and I like it because it also has RSSI on the front page. I’ve added it to my home feeders as well, thanks.

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Well it’s only a customized interface for dump1090-fa :wink:
So that is to be expected.

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impressive range by the way. Seem to be that you’re in perfect shape with your equipment

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It’s actually different and requires /run/dump1090-fa to be populated with data.
So don’t update that instance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Though mirror-json could be modified rather easily to use /run/dump1090-fa as destination and it would work.

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Did not realize it is an “ADD-ON”
OK, will try tonight after installing dump1090-fa on the test microSD card.
Now I have slipped-out test microSD card and slipped-in regular microSD card (with 2 x antennas + 2 x dongle + 2 x dump1090-mutability + 2 x piaware) to restore stations 5252 & 76000 feed.

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To extend history i had before gone the route of modifying dump1090-fa itself.
That pull request didn’t go anywhere and having a large history presented its own problems.

Going the add-on way is very nice if it’s possible.
Means most of the time dump1090-fa updates won’t affect the add-on.

I could just check if dump1090-fa is installed and error out if it’s not :wink:
This add-on isn’t complete by any means, i’m sure i’ll notice more stuff that could use some tweaking.

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I like the improved history. It loads a lot faster and should give better tracks for mlat aircraft that drop in and out a lot.

I’ve been using Al Kissack’s modifications to the map page, since it adds several UK specific things, like civil and military airport locations and control areas. It also has an improved aircraft database that highlights some interesting aircraft, and includes mouse pointer position and range:

That just replaces the normal dump1090-fa page so works fine alongside this.

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So i just updated the jquery and openlayers versions.

No errors (after some tweaking), don’t know if there are any drawbacks yet.
Let me know :slight_smile:

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Seems to be working fine after updating - no obvious errors.

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