Moved PiAware to new room

I just moved my device to a new room in order to connect it to an outdoor antenna and now its showing
Data Feed: Live - 47 minutes ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - less than a minute ago

I can get to the 8080 page and its feeding data through PlanePlotter. It is also going through an network extender now instead of directly to the cable modem for internet connectivity.

Does anyone have a clue about what is wrong with this?

My guess is that’s not you, it’s Flightaware. See here:


I’m currently seeing this myself and I know my Pi is feeding ADSBexchange and piaware-status says it’s connected to FA and sending data…

Data Feed: Live - 37 minutes ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - about 1 minute ago

The issue only started once I moved it to another room that is not covered by my main routers wifi. Could it be an issue with passing through network extender?

Data Feed: Today - about 2 hours ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - 3 minutes ago