Flightaware Stats Delayed?

I’m feeding ADSBExchange just fine and on my FA stats page I see:

Data Feed: Live - about 1 minute ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - about 1 minute ago

However, the Logs and everything else on the stats page haven’t been updated since 9:18AM PDT. Is Flightaware’s stats jobs just really behind or is there something wrong with my Piaware? I’ve restarted Piaware via the stats page Send Command field but to no avail.

Looks like stats came back around 12 Noon PDT. Unclear if there was data loss during the time. Once I have access to my pi, are there logs I can go through to determine if data was lost/not transmitted?

There definitely is an issue with reported stats today. I looked at several sites with 3 or 4 minute delays and didn’t think too much of it. Most that I look at now have been refreshed with in a minute, two at the most.

My site appears to have become lost to the server because at this writing, I am 34 minutes since last data and 4 minutes away from the last check-in. Here is the tail of Piaware.out for the same period:
10/12/2015 21:29:48 1298 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutab (1198 in last 5m); 1298 msgs sent to FlightAware
10/12/2015 21:34:48 2617 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutab (1319 in last 5m); 2617 msgs sent to FlightAware
10/12/2015 21:39:19 mlat(6986): Receiver status: connected
10/12/2015 21:39:19 mlat(6986): Server status: synchronized with 30 nearby receivers
10/12/2015 21:39:19 mlat(6986): Receiver: 536.6 msg/s received 9.2kB/s from receiver
10/12/2015 21:39:19 mlat(6986): Server: 1.2 kB/s from server 0.0kB/s TCP to server 4.8kB/s UDP to server
10/12/2015 21:39:19 mlat(6986): Results: 542.0 positions/minute
10/12/2015 21:39:19 mlat(6986): Aircraft: 53 of 60 Mode S, 25 of 34 ADS-B used
10/12/2015 21:39:48 3949 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutab (1332 in last 5m); 3949 msgs sent to FlightAware
10/12/2015 21:44:48 5297 msgs recv’d from dump1090-mutab (1348 in last 5m); 5297 msgs sent to FlightAware

I am receiving MLAT positions and as the last two lines of the log shows, I am sending (lots) of messages up the line.

Can someone from the Flightaware staff give me (us) an update on the situation?

FYI, my site is 5089.
Also FYI, I did do a service piaware restart at about the 10 minute point of no data


(About 20 minutes after this was originally posted, the server started showing current updates. I calculate that I lost between 100 and 150 aircraft reports and 15,000 to 25,000 messages as this event occurred during one of the busiest times of the day.)

I’m seeing this issue again intermittently…site 13959. Anyone else having issues as well other than tdrane and I?

Same here feeder is live but no data feed updates for over an hour.

Site 12978

This started this morning around 1030 and was showing a timing issue and could not synch with other sites. Possible clock problem or excessive cpu usage. Dump1090 is showing everything correctly. Reboots multiple times. I just reloaded with the newest SW last night. Did a complete sd card wipe and started over.
I wonder if it would have happened had I left it alone?

Happened to mine yesterday and again today.

Everything seems o.k. on my end and piaware log shows normal activity, BUT nothing has shown up on FA for about three hours. It is now almost 1300 MST and the last time shown in the log on the stats page for my site is 1018 MST.

I have rebooted a couple of times and on restart everything looks normal.

What’s up?

Same here. Delay of 1 hour. 1400MDT. Also tried rebooting etc. but it looks like and FA problem

Back online a few minutes ago.