Data Feed vs Feeder Checkin

I just moved my feeder set up, and it’s receiving signals, I see lots of tracks when accessing it locally, but it doesn’t appear to be sending to FlightAware. The stats page shows it’s checking in, but no data feed…

Data Feed: Today - about an hour ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - about 1 minute ago

I’ve tried unplugging it, power cycling my router/modem. No luck. Any ideas?

Mines doing it too.

Both feeds seem OK now. A couple of notes on what the times on the stats page mean:

The “feeder checkin” is updated when your piaware has a connection to the FA servers, directly by the servers that handle the connections. So it’s generally always up to date.

The “data feed” time is updated when positions received from your piaware are processed by the stats update process, which runs some way downstream and is separate to the servers that handle the connections. So if the data feed time is not up to date, there are a few possibilities:

  1. you’re not connected (this will show up in the “feeder checkin” too)
  2. you’re connected but you’re not feeding positions for some reason e.g. dump1090 has stopped.
  3. the stats updates are going slow and has a backlog of data to work through

If it’s (2) it will fix itself harmlessly once the stats system catches up.

Is this the same thing as with the log files frequently appearing to be about 20-30 minutes behind? I assumed it was a ‘backedlog’.

It is a similar thing with a different bit of the system.

Does FlightAware get behind? I’m seeing the following:

Data Feed: Live - less than a minute ago
Feeder Check-in: Live - less than a minute ago

But when I look on the log on the stats page, I don’t see any updates for over 30 minutes, and the stats page itself has stale data as well. I’ve used the ‘Send Command’ function to restart dump1090 and then Piaware as a whole, and I can’t tell if it’s done anything. Not at home so I can’t ssh in to check what’s actually going on.