Most "Exotic" Airline You Have Traveled On Is...


Hey all, I just got back from Iceland, and it was so fun then whilst I was flying back to BOS on Icelandair, i thought of a great idea for a new post, so here it goes!

What is the most “exotic” airline you have ever flown on and where was the destionation??

Mine would have to be Icelandair from BOS-KEF and KEF-BOS!


My most exotic ride was from Kingston Jamica to Gitmo in 1989!
The short turn from base to final had me looking down the wing at the ground at VERRy low altitude. It was in an American Transair (or something like that) Boeing 727.
they make that tight turn to avoid overflying Cuban airspace that is close to the end of the runway.


Guess it boils down to the definition of exotic destination. I flew Air Hawaii (not that one but the other one*) on a flight from LIH to HNL via HPV (Hanalei - the “exotic destination” is a resort on the north of Lihui(LIH)). Got to ride in the right front seat of the Cessna 402.

*There has been at least two Air Hawaii. The one I flew on was a commuter carrier using Cessna 402s. The other one was a short lived airline operating DC-10s between Hawaii and the mainland.


Exotic like out of the ordinary, or like an airline that most americans dont fly on.


How about Busy Bee Airlines?

[Flight from Kristiansand, Norway to Stavanger, Norway]

Then there was East-West Airlines

[Flights between Sydney and Bourke, NSW, Australia. That airline was later bought out by Ansett Australia.]

I flew many, many flights on the Norwegian domestic airline, Braathens SAFE.

‘SAFE’ refers to “South America Far East”, though the airline had no scheduled overseas flights. They did fly charters to European destinations.]


Exotic? AirAmerica!


Probably the most exotic one (or just out of the ordinary) for me was Air Guadeloupe, in 1985. Flew them from PTP to SXM. IIRC, the equipment was a Twin Otter. The inflight beverage service consisted of warm pineapple juice.


I flew on Maya Island Airways around Belize Central America in a Caravan. We flew out of an 18 ft wide gravel runway.


I flew Hooters (exotic) Airline and it sucked…


Hey there cheap. :wink:


I could say something bad (or good, depending upon how you look at it) about Hooters sucking…


Were having too much fun with this…




Yemenia, 5 flights in their A310s, 727s, and 737s.


Air Canada…uhh, only non-US carrier I have been on.

Exotic location? Punta Cana. DR. Thatched roof airport. or Barbados - just a widly chaotic airport - security check line was easily an hour long.


This past July I flew in an Air Botswana BAe 146-100 jet from Johannesburg, South Africa to Maun, Botswana, which is the gateway to the Okavango Delta and a safari experience. I must say that it was a very good flight.


I think this would be one hell of a charter company to fly for:

or fly on for that matter.


A Hawker Sidley 748 from Moosonee ON to Timmins On. Scheduled flight with six seats in the back of the plane and the rest taken up with cargo pallets. Owned by Air Creebec.

Replace the word exotic with cold, odourous or creeky and it sure was an exotic flight.

Still memorable though.


Yea, maybe - if they’d get rid of that stupid ass pout that is suppose to look sexy but just looks like they ate a lemon-laced persimmon.


Hey, I recognize the girl from Davenport, IA! She was very helpful too. I got stuck there for about 4 hours on a Sunday evening following the Quad Cities Air Show. A small bit of dirt was lodged in the pitot tube rendering the airspeed indicator inop. She was kind enough to find a mechanic to do work on the airplane, and I was able to fly back to Chicago later that night.