Best looking F/A's


Throwing this out there…which airline has the best looking F/A’s?

I am bias since I have worked for WN, they do have some cutie pie’s…In the international side I have seen VS,SK,OS,KL,AF,LH all nice…thoughts?


Domestic, I’d have to agree Southwest. A smile goes a long way.

International I’m going with Aeroflot and SAS.


I don’t fly commercially very much. The last few trips I have taken were on United, and I can honestly say that they are out of the running in this contest!


Singapore has the reputation of having the prettiest and most gracious flight attendants.


A now dead airline LEDCO fro Chile, had SMOKIN’ flight attendants. LAB from Bolivia has some hotties as well…

When LEDECO used to fly into IAD, with a B707 incidently, the cockpit crew forgot to leave a copy of the release with us for our file. They pulled the aircraft back into the gate, the f/a opened R1 door squatted down to hand off the paper and gave a nice shot of the kitty…the dude right there getting the paper almost fell backward off the belt loader he was on. I was on the ground and did not have nearly the view he had but I could tell she didn’t mind the viewing.


Uh, that should be LADECO.


oops…been a while could not remember…tks :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I bet you still remember that beaver!


Wouldn’t the now defunct Hooters Air be an obvious choice. :smiley:


JHEM, you are correct… :wink: As for the Hooters Air, I can say we would get a charter in from time to time and I must say I felt dooped…they were not young little chickies…although you’d see a flock of tugs coming from all over the ramps to see what was on board.


Agree. I have never flown them but was checking into a hotel in Vancouver once as a Singapore crew was checking out and whoa, smoking hot :open_mouth: .

Domestic, yeah I guess it has to be Southwest.

Never flew them either but think they had the normal 3 or 4 “flight attendants” and then a couple of “Hooters girls” who were not FAA certified but just there to … ahem, service the passengers .


WOW!!! Now that would have been a nice flight!!! :open_mouth: :smiley: :open_mouth: :smiley:


Shit… I can stay home and be horny and frustrated for free!


LMFAO!!! Damn true!! I’d be willing to bet that where ever that flight was going to /coming from the people paid $$$ for the additional “Cabin Crew”, you all know damn well that had to come with a price tag. Like I said I’ve seen their crew…that lovely young lady as the poster said…ain’t crew. “Ah excuse me miss, my tray table won’t go all the way down, is there anything you can do to help” :wink:


More like “Ah excuse me miss, my tray table won’t go all the way down, could you just stand there for a second? OK, thanks a lot!”


JHEM, where do you get the additional emoticons like the one at the end of your post?


I think that outweighs all the hell in flying. Of course, maybe everything in America can give a dollar so that we can see Hooters Air again.


Where can I send my $1 ?! :wink:


Where can I send my $1 ?!

Oh, just send it to my house. I’ll make sure it gets in the right hands. :open_mouth:


Firefox Add-in.

And send your $1 directly here, we don’t want to get jgona overworked at his age…