Singapore airlines

While flying back from (SFO) San Francisco to (PHX) Phoenix, I had a 9 hour layover which required me to switch terminals. I headed for the international terminal presently being remodeled at KLAX to get a bite to eat and watch a few movies. Watching the lines i noticed something. Singapore airlines staff are all identical (short, cute, thin, and the pasengers are all well behaved and quiet. There had to be over 1000 people standing in line and you could stand in the middle of them and talk on your phone they are so quiet. Every passenger had 0 or 1 bag, nobody had 2 bags or 2 bags and a purse.

Im sure every airline isnt run as well as singapore but if our airlines and passengers would act 1/2 as well as they did i think we might actually have a couple airlines be profitable for a change.

I dont have a problem with girls in short skirts and skimpy tops on my plane, but i do have to admit, id be willing to give up a few luxaries to have a stress/trouble/issue/hastle free flight.