Missing flights

Some flight are not tracked by FlightAware. I.e. flight https://it.flightaware.com/live/flight/VLG8548 landed on 5th, 8th and 10th of June, but in flight aware the last one is flight landed on 3th of June.

There are other flights for which we get missing data (i.e. VLG1264, VLG3067). Could you please check it? Why could we get data from the past about same flight number and we are not able to find last ones?


It seems that flight Barcellona->Helsinky (VLG8548) isn’t properly handled while Helsinki->Barcellona(VLG8549) is always tracked on FlightAware: http://it.flightaware.com/live/flight/VLG8549

Could you please check it?

Check the FAQs regarding primary and secondary areas of coverage.

When flights are missing, that is due to insufficient information being provided to us by the airlines, ATC, the aircraft operating with an incorrect transponder code, or operating in an area without positional data coverage. Additionally, that flight is operating outside of our primary coverage areas, so reliability is not as high there.