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November 18th

I never had any trouble obtaining complete positional data (or close to it) from FlightAware for flight LY1.
But since November 18th I have not found a single instance where FlightAware has complete positional data for this flight?

What happened on November 18th?

Has there been any change in your facility locations?

Thank you

We aggregate multiple data sources to provide our flight tracking and we regularly add or remove data providers as we are able to negotiate contracts with them. There was indeed a non-trivial data provider removal around November 18. However, we are actively working to add more sources and even working to expand our own data collection network. You can read about our new effort here, and even volunteer to host hardware for us if you are in a suitable location: flightaware.com/adsb/

Where can I find up to date information regarding flightaware’s progress with adding data providers in that region and throughout Europe?

My previous post had a URL, as well as this map: flightaware.com/adsb/coverage

There was indeed a non-trivial data provider removal around November 18.

Dear FlightAware,

It’s now been over 6 weeks since, and still, tons of data from many flights in that region is not coming through.

This is a big problem for us.

Please restore or replace the data provider you removed, as soon as possible.

Do you know when this will be resolved?

Thank you

This is fixed going forward.

Thank you for working on this; indeed we have noticed an improvement.

However, tracking completeness is still far from what it was prior to November 18th.

For example, FlightAware does not have **complete **positional data for any flight that traveled between KJFK and LLBG since November 18th.

Here’s what it looked like before November 18th:


Here’s what it looks like today:

As you can see, the first quarter of the flight is no longer reported.

This is a problem.

Please restore the data provider you removed on November 18th.

Thank you

When do you expect this critical issue to be resolved?


Additional data receivers are being added in the coming months that will incrementally improve ADS-B coverage throughout the world. There is no specific timeframe, since each receiver is being deployed independently as they are manufactured and as we are able to locate a person willing to host a receiver. It is not possible to reinstate the old data sources that were previously being utilized prior to that date, due to non-technical reasons.

Current ADS-B Coverage

Would you be willing to host an ADS-B receiver in Israel? If so, you can request free ADS-B hardware.