Missing flight MAS6163


we are currently assessing the completeness of FlightAware’s database. As one example, we didn’t find MAS6163 2018-02-04 21:50:00. Could you explain why this flight doesn’t show up in the UI / API?


What call were you making to find this flight. Typically the data is only available for a short time in the past. FAQ

I am using v3’s FlightInfoStatus. I am able to retrieve many other flights. Does that mean that they are being removed from the active database somehow randomly (at least from the view of the user) ?

Related to that: I get two different error messages that I can’t tell apart: “NOTFOUND: Failed to load flight” and “flight not found”…Anywhere where I can readup what the difference is?

FlightInfoStatus (and most other FlightXML functions) are not intended to access flights more than 2 weeks ago.

Ok, thanks.

What about the differences between the two error messages?

Just different error paths and how far the data access proceeds before failing.