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flightInfoEx , FlightInfo Some Flight info Missing

I’m trying to get Flight info for ident PIA333, PIA214 by using flightInfoEx , FlightInfo function but it does not return result. I checked for other flight info, I successfully get it.
Kindly guide me how can I get this info

Flights older than 2 weeks are not normally available through FlightXML. Please confirm that the flights you are expecting to be available are more recent than 2 weeks ago.

There are some information missing for different flight, like now I’m trying to check AXB196 for 27th May Flight. Google shows it google.com/search?q=dubai+t … 8#q=AXB196 , but Flightaware does not mention the recent flights. Same like if I check FZ229 on flightaware it replace flight code as FDB229 and if I check for AI938 it shows result for AIC938.
Kindly explain why this happens

The flights you are attempting to track are not in our primary coverage areas, so the amount of data that we have available for them will be incomplete or missing sometimes.

Although we may know about expected flight schedules for those airline flights (visible through the “AirlineFlightSchedules” API), we do not currently have enough data coverage in that area to confirm that the flight has actually departed or arrived, so we choose not to publish that. Google Flights (and some other tracking services) will depict flights as having departed/landed based on assuming the scheduled times always occur without waiting for any actual confirmation of that status.