Missing flights from Scheduled?



It seems that some flight are missing from Scheduled. Take for example the departures from Larnaca airport (official website: http://www.hermesairports.com/en/larnakahome/flight-information-larnaka/departures)

The flights highlighted below are not included in the Scheduled.

Flights from Rossiya Airlines and TUS AIR are missing. Any ideas?

For example flight SDM5704 http://flightaware.com/live/flight/SDM5704, your website says it “LANDED OVER A DAY AGO” but the Larnaca airport system shows that is departed an hour ago.

Actually you don’t show no information for future (Today at least) flights from Rossiya Airlines and TUS AIR. Maybe other airlines are missing too but those i spot so far.


I’m guessing that our data provider is missing information on those airlines and therefore we do not have information on those flights available in scheduled. I’ll double check though.

Outside the US it can sometimes be hit and miss for flight schedules.


So you’re probably better off looking at AirlineFlightSchedules as that will be a more comprehensive list than Scheduled. If we don’t believe we will receive tracking data for a flight then we don’t import into the Scheduled list, but the flight schedule would still be available in AirlineFlightSchedules.


Thanks for the answer. I will check it.

Also, one of the missing carrier i list above, TUS AIR maybe missing from your list because:
Armavia airline has close down. You can verify it from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armavia
But you are still tracking them?? http://flightaware.com/live/flight/RNV200/history/20170902/0400Z/LCLK/LLHA

As you can see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tus_Airways TUS Airways is having the same IATA code with Armavia but different ICAO. I thought both ICAO and IATA codes are unique and don’t get transferred.

Can you fix the problem please.


ICAO codes are unique, but IATA codes may not be. I’ll take a look at Armavia and see if IATA still has the code assigned to them.


Thank you. I have also contacted the operation department of TUS AIR and they said they will look at the issue. Let hope the problem will be fixed soon.


Am coming again on this topic. TUS AIR ensured me that have contacted you about the topic but you mention that you still receive data from ARMAVIA Air which ceaced operation on 1 April 2013. How is this possible?

Can you share who is sending you data for ARMAVIA Air so we can sort it out?

On https://www.flightradar24.com/ RNV flights are not there, only on your website.

Thank you.