Missing flights for SAS / El Al



We’ve been experiencing an issue lately where a large number of flights are not being returned for our FlightXML2 calls for SAS / El Al tail numbers.

Is this expected behavior, or is there a known issue that will be resolved at some point? Some of the tail ids in question include 4X-EHI, 4X-EHC, and OY-KAS.



What does your query look like? Also, were there specific days and flight numbers you saw this happen with?


@Stephenemaciolek -
We call the FlightInfoEx method (at http://flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/FlightXML2/wsdl) with a tail id/etc. We’ve been experiencing the issue sporadically for SAS flights for the last ~month, but not to the scale we saw this weekend. I don’t have the full scope of flight numbers missing (I can get it if required), but here are a few:

  • For 4X-EHC:
    ** 6H5696 on 1/27
    ** 6H5695 on 1/27
  • For 4X-EHI:
    ** IZ5348 on 1/27
    ** IZ5347on 1/27

Hopefully that helps - if a more comprehensive list of missing flights is needed, let me know and I’ll see if I can source one.



A quick look at these flights and seems like we did not receive a flight plan for them.Try turning on “show position-only flights” in your account settings here: https://flightaware.com/account/manage (See flightaware.com/about/faq#adhoc)


@Stephenemaciolek - Enabled that and had a couple of flights show up with origin or destination as a lat/long value, but some flights still aren’t returning. Examples below:
27 Jan Tel Aviv (LLBG) Salzburg (LOWS) 6H5695 Take off - 9:34 AM IST (07.34 UTC) - Landed 12:21 PM CET (11.21 UTC)

27 Jan 2018 Tel Aviv (LLBG) Grenoble (LFLG) IZ5347 Take off - 9:27 AM IST (07.27 UTC) - Landed 12:31 PM CET (11.31 UTC)

27 Jan 2018 Las Palmas (GCLP) Billund (EKBI) SK7736 Take off - 3:08 PM WET (15.08 UTC) - Landed 9:26 PM CET (20.26 UTC)

27 Jan 2018 Copenhagen (EKCH) Turin (LIMF) SK7593 Take off - 5:30 PM CET (16.30 UTC) - Landed 7:17 PM (18.17 UTC)
27 Jan 2018 Copenhagen (EKCH) Turin (LIMF) SK7581 Take off - 11:13 AM CET (10.13 UTC) - Landed 12:56 PM (11.56 UTC)

27 Jan 2018 Oslo (ENGM) Stockholm (ESSA) SK9111 Take off - 2:01 PM CET (13.01 UTC) - Landed 2:47 PM (13.47 UTC)

Thanks again!


@Stephenemaciolek - Have you had a chance to dig for any more info on this? Thanks! :slight_smile: