Min-Wis Freight Comp.


Anyone know of any freight companies similar to Flight Express or Ram Air Freight? That operate out of Minnesota Wisconsin area?


Try AirNet. I’m not sure if they have any pilot domiciles in that area, but check out their route map, they do fly up in that area.


Check for flights out of STP, DLH, and other non-MSP airports in the state. If you see any that have a 3 letter flight identifier and seem to operate fairly regularly between any two given airports, look up the company on Google to find its web page.

You can eliminate such carriers as MES and FLG because these are passenger airlines.


Thanks guys I will look into those.


They are out of Milwaukee. UPS contractor plus charter work. I know they fly Beech 99’s, not sure what else.


Hi there!,

Jus to let you know if you are interested. I work at Cirrus Flight Operations at the Anoka County Blaine Airport near KMSP. Here at Kane we have a company that might suit you they are called pro aire inc. They fly cessna 310’s, piper seneca and a navajo. Great little company. If you would like some more info just let me know.


The company who flies the Beech 99’s out of MKE is called Freight Runners Express… their airline “prefix” is FRG. They also fly Cessna 402’s or something like that. One came to KUNU a while back just visiting a friend, which is why I know…
Another company in the area goes by the prefix WISXXX (XXX for the flight number, I dont know any). They fly out of oshkosh and minnesota and ND and SD. Hope it helps you guys…


Thank you to everyone for their input. I have found a good freight company out of the NE Wisconsin area and am currently flying for them. Thanks again for the input!!


Bamidji flies Queen Airs and Beech 99s for UPS…