Help Me Identify WIS187

Hey everybody just wondering if anybody can tell me what WIS187 is. It flies over my house ever weeknight between 10:00pm and 10:20pm from Indianapolis, IN to Rochester, MN. It’s a Cessna Caravan 208. The weird thing is that it always flies at around 4,000ft, even when it’s overcast and he’s surely in clouds. My guess is obviously cargo, perhaps FedEx knowing they operate out of KIND.

-Brett :slight_smile:

I think a cargo feeder is a good guess. WIS is not an ICAO registered code, so they’re probably a smaller operation.
Tonight the flight is up at 9000, so I’d guess they pick altitudes depending on the winds.

EUROCONTROL website ICAO database lists it as PRO-AIRE Cargo and Consulting INC - Doing Business As “PACCAIR” - Neenah Wisconson - cant verify accuracy but see if it fits?? Callsign is listed as “WISCAIR”