Charter Services


I work for a small advertising agency in Des Moines, IA and we are quickly realizing commercial flights aren’t always the best option, especially into smaller cities. Does anyone know of any charter services in the midwest?



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Try Elliott Aviation at Des Moines Intl. They are a very well known and regarded company and can certainly let you know what is available and cost effective for your company.



SPIRIT AVIATION - My first instructor (20 years ago) is now the chief pilot of this organization.


depending on what volume and type of flying you need to do, you might also want to check different fractional ownership programs and even sale/leaseback of a plane.


I used Atlas Flight Services and was impressed with the level of service and pricing:


JetCorp at Spirit of St. Louis Airport (SUS). Chesterfield, MO

Good people, good selection of light & midsize Lear Jets.


Try Exec 1 Aviation at Ankeny Regional Airport. They operate several cabin class aircraft and partner with many of the charter providers around Iowa. 515.965.1020