Looking for a charter flight quote


Hey Guys-

I’m not in aviation, so looking for a rough quote for a buddies bachelor party. Trying to do something different from him.

I’m looking to charter 12 people one way from Brainerd, MN (BRD) to Eden Prairie, MN (FCM).

Driving it is about 2.5 hrs and 130 miles. As a crow flys it is probably 120 miles.

I don’t want to get a real quote as I am in the planning stages, but can anyone help me with a rough estimate to start with?

Any insite at this point would be great.



For general information on charter, check out Chartering an Aircraft: A Consumer Guide and Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide by the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association).

Charter Hub can give you a quote. Free registration is needed to use this. US SKylink will give you a quote without having to register. Using the latter, I found quotes starting at $3,140.

Also do a Google search using the terms aircraft, quotation, and charter to search for an aircraft charter quote.


I prefer “Chartering Aircraft for Dummies”


So in dummies terms, rough estimate? $2000 for something like this?

I submitted something to Charter, thanks damiross.


pika1000 = resident smart a$$



Hit the telephone yellow pages for AIRCRAFT CHARTER.
Call the listings in Brainerd and Eden Praire.
Tell them what you want want to do.
Remember that a good sales person really is a consultant.
They will ask some questions:
Style/Luxury desired?
Are they going to wait for you while you party, or just drop you off?
You probably won’t find an airplane that will carry 12 pax.
They are available, but suspect you won’t want to pay the price.
Single engine airplanes are only a valid option if the weather is good.
Two twin-engine airplanes will probably best fill your need.
Ask about Cessna 400 series; or a Chieftain.
The next step up in class and speed would be a King Air, Conquest or Pilatus.
Have Fun!


Last post had it right: chances are you will not find a plane with more than 9 seats. Go with 2 6 seaters and you will have the best luck. www.chartehub.com is another resource.