ExpressJet Questions

First off, I hope that I posted this in the correct forum room; if not, I apologize. So I didn’t realize that Express Jet is basically now a Charter jet company. I have also read several good things about them, too. One said that their prices were even lower than Southwest Airlines. Now, is this just for regular airline flights that Express Jet does fly? Or can someone say that these could also be the prices for Charter flights as well?

I’m just an individual; not affiliated with a business or anything. I just was curious to find out if you have to be a company to fly their charter service or not? Haha, these are probably questions for them, which I have e-mailed them, but I was wondering if someone on here could reflect on Express Jet and how they operate their charter services.


And, I’ll add my question: what would be the approximate cost of a charter?

No discounts for charter…Prices vary by each trip due to landing, ramp, fuel and other fees. I believe the going charter rate for an XJT EMB-145XR is about $6500 per hour? We operated about 15 flights with XJT last year with 100% reliability and on-time.