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Private charter needed


Hi all
Looking for a good lead to company that can help me with charter of small jet or turbo prop on regular basis from Buffalo Ny to different points in US
Can anyone help?
Any pointers that you can share would be much appraciated

  1. Prior Aviation at the Buffalo airport has been around forever, I have not used them so I won’t recommend, or not recommend them.

  2. If you are flying more than about 300 hours a year buy an airplane and hire me. I will be available in a bit over a month.!! :slight_smile:

Depending on your flying, the type of airplane etc. the rough rule of thumb for breaking even on costs is: less than 200 hrs per year charter, 200-300 fractional and more than 300 buy your own. Fractional use means an ongoing commitment and if you add up the costs is pretty expensive if you calculate the per hour costs compared to owning your own but makes sense for consistent light to moderate needs.

John in Saudi


Try Western Airways www.flywesternairways.com Although headquartered in TX, they have a hell of a network in your requested area.


Delta Private Jets




Thanks All…


try flightpath charter airways. they are a cdn company close to Buf . they fly phenom 100s- good and reasonable


If you are searching for the best private charter company, then Icarus Jet Inc is the best option for you. They are one of the most reputed private charter firm that offer private charter service at the best price. I have used their service many times in the last few years and I have been always happy with the services they offer.

You can visit their website icarusjet.com to know more about them.


Eliza, of course, uses Icarus Air…because she probably works for them as a PR type.


prsync.com/icarus-jet/experience … et-723473/



Don’t know if you are still looking but have you checked LunaJets?


Air Charter Advisors - they were your best source then, and pretty much still are. Lots of relationships across the states to get good rates, especially in the New York, LA, and South Florida markets.