I get people who ask me all the time to fly them places. Is there a way to make this legal using a local rental aircraft (i.e. they “rent” the aircraft) or is it just all together wrong. suggestions? comments?

Search other posts. This has been discussed before. But just an idea- read the FARs. If you want to avoid getting your a*s in a sling know the rules. 90% of your pilot training was on what you can and can’t do.

What he said.

But the quick versions is this:

Yes, you can fly them, but you may not get paid for it.

They can share expenses with you, but only on an “pro rata” (equal) basis, ie. you pay half the rental and they pay half the rental

Also, know that there has been at least one case where a pilot flew folks for a business owner, for no monetary compensation, and received a suspension because the FAA decided that the business owner would owe the pilot a “favor”.

Lots of ways to get hung up on this one.

AND you have to have been going to the destination airport prior to being asked to take someone. IOW, you were going anyway and wanted to take someone along.

As FlyNYC pointed out, the FAA can be very punitive when it comes to flying others for what it perceives as a benefit to the pilot. I know of a case where a pilot flew his boss and some clients to a destination and back for no compensation in a company owned plane, but was suspended because the pilot wasn’t originally slated to make the trip, had his meals and hotel paid for and didn’t pay any portion of the costs of the trip.

Yea I know the laws. I’m commercial/instrument. I was more into wondering if the passeger rents the plane is it legal to fly them. The answer would be yes I believe

Well, then why’d ya ask?

NO you’re wrong- You can not hold out to the public in ANY WAY. you do not have an operating certificate.
If someone owned a plane you can get paid to fly them or if they lease a plane but the rules were written to avoid what you are trying to do. The FAA doesn’t want some dude with a commercial to rent a Cessna 172 and charge people. If you think I’m wrong then do this- call your local FISDO and ask them. THEN get your FAR/AIM out and read it. Then read it again.

Hypothetical of course, but if I had a buddy who owned a plane and was pic on a preplanned A to B destination but happened to make a stop and drop me off in between and I offered no compensation would this violate the rules?

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Uhhhh, are you sure???

As soon as you start splitting hairs and arguing your point over semantics, technicalities and phraseology of the rule; you’ve moved out of the realm where professionals operate and into the area of amateurs and bullshit.


Yes you can. You’re going to get all sorts of charter guys saying “no way” but they are generally just trying to eliminate what they perceive as competition. It’s the single source rule, you CANNOT provide an airplane and piloting services. But, as your question clearly states "can someone else rent or lease an airplane and hire/pay you to fly it and the answer is YES. This would not be considered a 135 opertion. In a completely different case, but the issue of cost sharing was brought up, remember that you as the pilot must be traveling for the same purpose. Your friend cannot pay half the cost of the plane and have you fly him to a business meeting if your not attending the meeting as well.

The FAA has an AC regarding Holding out to the public.
Flyboy’s is right cupcake. The FAA has taken the position that common public knowledge of the your willingness to fly some one is holding out.

The FAA has held this position for at least 24yrs. … 20-12A.pdf

This is the key…my bolding for emphasis.

Scanner cannot provide the aircraft and offer to fly it. He can for compensation, as a commercially rated pilot, fly an aircraft owned or leased by someone other than himself. That scenario isn’t any different than me “holding myself out” for pilot services…in someone else’s aircraft. But, it’s not just that simple… If the aircraft is owned by the party asking him to fly, insurance may or may not be an issue. It’s a matter of the owner having Scanner as a named pilot on the policy, or the owner is willing to forego this step and self insure. However…if the aircraft is leased, the lessee wishing to have Scanner act as PIC must meet any criteria of the lease agreement regarding authorized PIC’s. Further, you can bet that Scanner’s non-pilot “buddy” will not be able to just walk in the door to “rent” an airplane and say “I want to rent an airplane and my boy Scanner here will be doing the flying for me…” That just ain’t gonna happen. :exclamation:

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