Highly available Pilatus or light jet for charter? KSMO


**My buddies and I use 25-100 hours per year on trips to sf, lv, aspen, denver, and other. We flew in a Pilatus new aifcraft yesterday and found the cost and style incomporable for these short trips. Anyone chartnering this os similar out of SMO? Tony 310.9858669 We are interested in long term arrangement. ** Old King Airs arent cutting it for us anymore.


Your typical usage profile fits almost perfectly with the Frax company I fly for, PlaneSense. We have a fleet of (24?..we’ve gotten 3 new already this year) PC12’s. Unfortunatly your flights though will fall outside of our normal operations area. The program area is east of the (96th?) parallel. We are able to fly outside of our area, but there are extra costs associated with it. For more info look at http://www.planesense.aero



mr planesense, can u email your number to call, at tony@ramprate.com thanks


Not that I could help but do you need charter out of Missoula, Mt (KMSO) or Santa Monica, Ca (KSMO)? Since I see a 310 area code my guess is KSMO.

cfijames, what are the rules these days regarding passenger charter in IFR in single engine aircraft?


His post says KSMO and I agree that’s what he meant – I corrected the topic title.


Well I have to admit I’d have to look up the answer to your question, but we arent a charter company. We operate, as do all fractionals, under the new 91 subpart K standards for frax operations. The rules are very similar to 135 rules, but are slightly different.
Thinking more about your question, I know of many 135 operators who use single engine aircraft, so I’m not sure there is any difference (but like a good cfi, “good question, I can look it up and get back to you”). Linear Air uses the C208 for charter and “shared charter” scheduled flights. The Pilatus is used in Canada for scheduled passenger airline operations: flightaware.com/live/flight/HMR7 … /CYQT/CYXL


It used to be you could not do it. I know there was lots of talk about possibly changing it when the Caravan/Pilatus/TBM700 started coming out. Just wondered if they ever did change it.


Try STA Jets… They fly out of all the Socal airports… based in F70 and SNA… They just brought on a Pilatus, Spankin’ New, and a Lear 31A, Plus they have King airs, Lear 55 and Westwinds…



Single engine 135 IFR used to be completely prohibited, but now I think all you need is dual alternator/generators and 2 vacuum pumps…


More or less - you need to convince the FAA that you can operate to an equivalent level of safety as a twin engine piston - so assuming you have redundant systems, you can fly single engine no problem in a Cirrus with appropriate engine monitoring.

It’s really easy to make the case for single turboprops. Lots and lots of operators doing it now.


A&M Pilatus currently has a 2000 PC-12 (N337TP) with approximately 2300 hrs available for lease or purchase.


Another one to try:
Marcair out of San luis Obispo, they have PC-12’s.
No affiliation here, just passing on info.