ExpressJet Operations?

hey all,

I was reading somewhere sometime back(real descriptive I know) that ExpressJet was on the Verge of Bankruptcy…I was curious as to how close they are??..

Whats prompting this Question is that they Have an ERJ-145 or sometimes it’s a -145XR parked here at KLAF…After some exhaustive research, I figured it’s being used by the Purdue Athletics Department to Fly the Teams to Away games…

Anyone know anything about ExpressJets Charter services? how it works etc???..

Seems to me that they wouldn’t be making much money off of it as it spends most of it’s time parked behind the Terminal…which Pisses me off cuse it’s never in a position that I can get a picture of it…nice looking Planes though, they’re in ExpressJet titles…

Hey fitch-If you go to Yahoo finance and type in XJT you can go to their stock site. In the profile section you can go to their website for lots of info.

or just google “ExpressJet”

Sounds pretty easy??!

As per their charter operation. They have a charter page listed on their website and they are very popular with collegiate sports teams as an ERJ is the perfect size for anything smaller than a football team.