how do small air charter companies really work


I’m trying to simulate a small charter operation something like this one:
and I had left him some email several days back but he did not respond.

my questions are:

how much of the flying would be out and back? - in other words from his home airport to airport x and then back and then to airport y, etc, etc.

or do small charter operations like that do a lot of airport x to airport y then to airport b, etc. or both?



It’s been a long time since I flew charters but I would say something like 75-90% of my trips were A>B>A. Some were drop offs, some were hang around all day or stay overnight. The remaining were multiple stops. I’m not counting stopping for fuel, only passenger stops.



very fascinating - just the answer I was looking for



A-B-A thats sheduled runs like sub-contract UPS. No money, On demand pays more and back to base 20%.