Help finding aircraft registries



I hope someone can please help me out. I am working on my flightmemory and I am missing a few aircraft registries. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to find these

2/28/2007 Air Wisconsin (USAirways) #4075 CLT-MKE CRJ
2/20/2007 Air Wisconsin(USAirways) #3777 MKE-CLT CRJ
9/4/2005 Midwest Airlines #832 TPA-MKE MD80
8/26/2005 Midwest Airlines #805 MKE-TPA MD80
10/20/2003 Midwest Connect #2189 MKE-CLE J328
7/30/2000 Mesa Airlines (USAirways) #5805 PHL-MKE E145

I have been to BTS.GOV, Flightstats, and another website that goes back to 1995 I forget what its called. If anyone has any sugestions or know how to find the registrations for these flights I would greatly appreciate it!!



Is this the site you used: … /index.xml (the latter allows you to search city pairs but it doesn’t show aircraft type, just registration)

This site does show registrations (or fleet numbers in some cases) but it is only for airlines that provided at least 1% of domestic passengers revenue. Mesa may not have met that requirement n 2000.

You may also search the flight data in Flightmemory on the half chance that someone else flew the same flights as you.


Yeah I used both of those. I was even trying to use flight stats to track gate info which was a way I found 2 Midwest flight I took a while back. Thanks though!