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Tracking Mesa Airlines flights by registration?

I recently flew on a Mesa CRJ700 BOS-ORD on Jul 16 flight 3795. I forgot to get the aircraft registration so I figured I’d look it up on FlightAware. But when I search by Mesa tail registrations the fight data is incomplete. For example, I can find flight 3795 and it is clear that the flight goes on daily basis but, when I search by registration the flight isn’t there. In fact, I can find the inbound flights to BOS on some days but there are no outbound flights from BOS for Mesa Airlines at all.

So long story short I have two questions: 1. What’s up with this? Is it something to do with how Mesa files their flight plans? 2. Any suggestions on how I can hunt down the registration of the plane I flew on?

In some coverage areas we don’t receive the remark portion of the flight plan that includes the tail number for airline flights. We have a few other sources for the registration data, but they’re not providing complete information for Mesa.

If Mesa is subject to the DOT reporting requirements, you can look it up on RITA in 4-7 months. Seriously, they’re that slow to report.

I use http://www.planespotters.net/ to find tail numbers, but if there is a large amount of one type in the fleet it can become extremely tedious! :open_mouth: