Cargo Ops

Alright all you good people, I have a question. I am going to say the following before asking it:

-Yes FedEx was called and can not do it.
-Yes on calls to UP, World, Atlas, Polar, Southern Air, Arrow, Kiletta, Centurian.
-AIA can not help either.

A friend of mine is trying to get a charter DC-8F or larger to move some stuff out of DFW to an area near the tsunami. It has to be a US flag. Like I said he has contacted all the above…any suggestions???


Has he contacted a freight forwarder or broker?

Missing from your list is Arrow Air.

To answer the first half of your question, I’m not sure…but a friend of mine is and I’ve reached out to him…as for the second half…recheck me :wink:

Evergreen, would be my first call. Also, ATI, AStar, and Gemini. What about Northwest? Not sure what the status of their cargo operation is since the Delta takeover. Why does he require a US flag carrier? JAL, Lufthansa, etc…would be good possibilities.

Tks, totally forgot Evergreen…I imagine he did talk to them given the others already contacted. Did not think of NW either another good pull!! I will recommend / see if he has. As for the reasoning I am not sure, I mentioned the same thing…we’ll see. Tks.

The only reason I can think of regarding US flag carriers is the possibility of a cabotage issue. Ie. If they need to make several stops inside the U.S. before going international.

Are tech stops cabotage? Seems unlikely, especially if there’s no change in load.

Mea culpa. I see that now.

Question about technical stops: They are not considered cabotage. However, it is also not considered cabotage if an airline picks up cargo or passengers at two or more airports before going overseas. For example, a flight may go from SFO to DTW to LHR and pick up passengers or cargo at both USA airports for delivery to LHR.

Ding ding…ala back in the day AF B747-200F IAH-IAD-JFK-CDG…tks for the input have not got resolve on this for my buddy yet…will let ya know what happens…unless any of you fly guys have a freighter parked out back 8) JK be good!

Well, JFK is not too far away, and they usually have a couple 747 freighters laying around… :wink:

First, good morning…second thank you all who gave some input…third, I heard the shipment made it out…but was a nightmare. My buddy never ended up saying who hauled the stuff, but is now trying to secure an AN-124 or 224, to haul some generators. Good times.