UPS Flights Expanding


So as everyone knows you can next day air your packages with UPS. Well the new company new came out at the beginning of the month and we are getting new 747s or “Brown Tails” and to add to that excitement for us, we are also getting new 767s added to the fleet.
What is cool about the 767s is that they are converted passenger aircrafts. They are currently being striped and outfitted for cargo use. It was determined that doing it this way will save several millions of dollars and add more aircrafts to the fleet.


Are they going to start creating more base stations? Here at GSO they just turn and use 3rd party mechanics. I thought they used FedEx for most of their priority air stuff? We seem to have a lot of crossover freight here between us and UPS.


That I don’t know. I know they are doing a lot of work to expand existing operations like the one here in Houston but I think as far as some places go it is more of a matter of the amount of volume that is being moved thought the area. We get a 3rd party single engine prop plane that comes in from two hours away, only because we are closest major hub.
As far as freight goes that I don’t know as well. I think when they look at expanding operations and adding new flights they look at a lot of things. Cost of fuel in the area, the profit that will be generated from creating that route. Do they have the resources to expand there.
All in all I would say most likely not but will be honest I am just a Load planner I don’t really know a lot about operation expansion. So don’t take my words to heart keep your chin up they may or may not.