747s in Philadelphia


I have seen pictures in recent years of Boeing 747’s in Philadelphia on cargo routes for the Christmas cargo crush. Is this still the case? Are there extra cargo flights as well?


UPS has a hub at KPHL. According to airfleets.net, they still have a bakers dozen 747-400F’s. I think they tend to spend their time on the Louisville to Asia runs. Who knows what you may see. You may get a peek at a MD-11F, too…


One thing to Remember though ,most of the UPS and Fed Ex cargo flights occur overnight,yes there a few during the day,but lots more at night.UPS flies out of Louisville and Fedex out of Memphis.


Thanks for the info. Whenever I am there spotting, there are always many UPS planes, but I don’t ever recall seeing a 747. I think I will just look on FA to see if any are en route.


The UPS 747’s are operated on trans-Pacific routes and between Asia and Europe. They will have a few flights between SDF and MEM and one between MEM and DFW. I can’t find any other UPS 747 flights. All of the PHL flights are operated by 757’s, 767’s, and A300’s.

Source: a contact I have at UPS.