Would FedEx Consider The Boeing 747-8F?

Currently, Cargolux, Nippon Cargo, Atlas Air, Volga-Dnepr Airlines, Korean Air Cargo, and Cathay Pacific Cargo are the only operators of the Boeing 747-8F. I was thinking if FedEx would benefit from operating the -8F. I remember they had the Airbus A380F on order. Later on, they decided to cancel.

I believe the -8F would benefit FedEx. It could even help replace some A300s, A310s, MD-10s and MD-11s. I believe it would benefit because it is more efficient, double the range of the A300, A310, ranges about 1,000-2,000 km longer than the MD-10-10 MD-11, but doesn’t range as far as the MD-10-30 (MD-10-30 ranges 10,622 km while the -8F ranges 8,130 km). The MTOW is triple the MTOW of the A300 and A310, and 300,000-400,000 lbs more than the MD-10 and MD-11.

Do you think FedEx would benefit with the -8F? Would they order them in the near future even though they have 50 Boeing 767-300Fs and 20 more 777-200Fs on order? If the A380F would’ve existed, would they have benefited with it? Would UPS have benefited with the A380F and/or the -8F?

More side questions. With FedEx due to get their first Boeing 767-300F, will they be equipped with winglets? I also noticed that their Boeing 757s aren’t equipped with winglets. Why aren’t all of FedEx’s Boeing 757s equipped with winglets? Have they not been approved for the Freighter version? If they are in the near future, will FedEx consider equipping them with winglets?

For winglet retrofits to earn their keep financially you need to fly the aircraft a lot, preferably on long stage lengths - FedEx 757’s generally fly only two segments per day, both of which are generally under 2500 nm.

I think that with overall freight shipments shrinking, that FedEx has decided that they do not need a VLA.

The 777 is plenty large enough for their needs.

Also Saudi Arabian Cargo.

I think FedEx could benfit from the 747-8F if they used it to replace smaller freighters on their most popular routes (maybe LAX-MEM; I’m not positive, but that is probably a popular route for them). Also know that smaller airports need smaller planes, so on lots of routes small planes replaced by small planes, not large planes (except when demand rises).

Also, the 767-300Fs are coming in to replace the DC-10Fs and maybe the A310Fs.

UPS might’ve benefited from the A380F, but I would only see them ordering that to compete with FedEx or if demand rises. The 747-8F could benefit them in the same way I mentioned it could benefit FedEx.

But it’s not worth the additional operating an additional small fleet of aircraft for just a handful of missions where they might be better suited than what you already have.

Good point. FedEx or UPS would need a decent sized fleet of 747-8Fs or A380Fs in order for the whole thing to be profitable. As shown by Singapore Airlines’ 4 A340-500s, its not very economical to have a small fleet of one type(well, unless you are a small airline).