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FedEx's new B767F N101FE, what is it doing?

N101FE just flew in to SAN tonight (Oct 3). It flew in as FDX9053 from San Jose KSJC. Is it on an FAA proving run like ATI’s B757CF did in May earlier this year?

I think you are correct, I heard on another forum it was doing FAA runs.

Thanks for the reply, I also saw it on another forum. I wonder if there are certain airports which the airline doing the proving has to send the aircraft to…

By the way, N101FE took off this morning for Memphis as FDX9054.

Skyliner says their second 763F, N102FE was delivered PAE-MEM on Oct 3 but don’t see that flight.

skyliner-aviation.de/regdb.m … av4&page=3

Maybe the first day the reg popped up? Apparently it just went on a test flight that day, as that’s what it shows when you search reg here on FA. Nonetheless, the 767-300F looks great in the FedEx scheme! I hope they put them into service soon.

However, I will miss those DC-10’s FedEx will replace with the 767F. Truly the end of an era. Some of those DC-10’s are 40+ years old. That is great utilization by FedEx to give those tri-holers a second life and keep them in active service that long. Hopefully their 767F’s will match that or be kept longer.

Saw it when they made a couple of low passes at the Millington Airshow a couple of weekends ago,good looking aircraft,they just added the second one.