FedEx and UPS' hubs


What would UPS’ hubs be? And how about FedEx (besides MEM)? Thanks


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this is what I found after sneezing on my keyboard… :wink:


Right off hand


KMIA serves Latin America



I’m sure theres more


Don’t forget KRFD for UPS, leardvr! :smiley:


I think you mean KSDF.



Yup that’s what I met. You’ld think flying in there everyday for a year I’d remember :unamused:


KMSP is also a UPS hub.

I know, that was my summer job when I was in college.


I thought FedEx had a facility at KORD?

I love watching the UPS planes fly into KRFD at night. Those DC-8’s and 747-100’s really make some noise on take-off!!! I with there was a spot where I could park my car and sit on the hood, like in Wayne’s World. It’s funny in that movie, they live in Aurora, and when they sit and have that 747 land over their heads, I wish there was a real spot like that near O’Hare or KRFD!


Both UPS and FedEx have enormous sorting and transhipment facilities at PANC for their Asian shipments, not sure if that would meet the definition of a hub as used here.


I would say it qualifies as a hub. If I’m not mistaken, both carriers also base aircraft at ANC.


Don’t forget KCAE (Columbia, SC) for UPS. They have a large sorting/distribution facility there and originate/terminate a number of flights at this facility.


Kudos to FedEx flight operations!

I happened across this video on U-Tube. Watch the holding pattern for the last flight going into MSP!

Someone mention Memphis was a FedEx hub?


Wow. What an incredible video. Thanks for letting us know about it!


That’s a fantastic video, pretty hilarious comments, too.

I couldn’t help but think of the planes as ants and then watch them disappear down the ant hole at Memphis, then get disengorged later in the day.



The major US UPS hubs are

KSDF Louisville KY
KCAE Columbia SC
KPHL Philadelphia PA
KRFD Rockford IL
KONT Ontario CA
KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth TX


You forgot PANC - Anchorage, Alaska.


Third time’s a charm, JHEM. I say go for it. :wink:

[Reminds me of the little kid in the middle of a crowded conversation who’s trying to get everyone’s attention, to no avail.]


UPS also has a big European base in Frankfuft, Germany.


Are they at Frankfurt Main or Hahn airport (the airport that some low cost carriers serve)?


FedEx has a shipping supervisor on a tropical island with Wilson. :smiling_imp: