UPS and FedEx

Where are UPS and FedEx main airport hubs?

UPS’s main hub is Louisville (SDF) - They have a smaller hubs in Philadelphia (PHL), Ontario (ONT), DFW, Rockford (RFD), Columbia (CAE), and Hartford (BDL)

Fedex’s main hub is in Memphis (MEM) - they have smaller hubs in Oakland, Newark, Anchorage, Indianapolis, and Ft. Worth

Fedex is opening up their latest midatlantic hub in gso/Greensboro, North Carolina later this year.

FedEx also has a hub at YYZ (Toronto)

Really…news to me?!?

I know there is a HUB at CDG, and a fairly new hub in China which took the place of the once very large pacific hub in the Philippines ex Flying Tiger turf. I’m not sure how many flights YYZ gets, but it may just get a bunch which would make it seem like a hub…just like LAX…not a hub but a ton of flights. :wink:

HEY I learned something today…I can go to bed :wink:

Looks like YYZ is a hub…never knew. How many movements I wonder, from the pic I see a 10, baby bus, and 2 727’s.

Good eye.

That’s pretty much what I see parked there whenever I swing by.

Interestingly, the 5 airplanes located on the opposite side of the ramp are painted in Jetsgo livery. I assume they were parked there following the bankruptcy of Jetsgo indicating that Google’s satellite image is at least 4-years old.

Do you ever see feeders there? That may be why it is a hub. The jets come in and send a bunch of props out…just don’t get how 5 flights a day would constitote a “Hub” when I KNOW KLAX gets a ton more and yet are NOT a hub.

Interesting factoid about that other carrier…are the a/c still parked there?

fedex and ups pretty much run the cargo world…agreed?

Agreed. Don’t know about DHL?

DHL all but ceased operations in the US late last year and early this year, including ending their contract with ABX (which they bought), and going into operations with UPS (which was terminated in June 2009). Shortly after that, they dropped all US service, axed 9500 jobs, and are only running international operations (and barely at that).

For all intents and purposes, DHL is gone.


Did not hear anything on the news about that. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Of course youre not going to hear anything about that on the news, This administration is supposed to be HELPING the economy and CREATING jobs. The liberal media isnt going to show anything that could be misconstrued as caused by the so called “improving” economy.
There are hundreds of important things everyday that get NO coverage by any network other than FOXNEWS.


This was more than well reported by the news:


Business Courier

Wilmington News Journal



Two of those are would you would call very ‘liberal’ media. So please don’t turn this into a political debate, because it isn’t.


Sorry, im still rowled up over a debate i had at work last night. I go overboard sometime. im still in that mood! ya know how it is…

WOW! You do know that DHL leaving the US domestic freight market occurred during the previous administration’s watch, right?

Foolishly i hadnt done any research on it before going off, Like i said i hadnt heard anything about it, so i ASSumed… and well dun dun dun :blush:

Internationally DHL & TNT might be bigger than UPS or FEDEx

Ah, the typical conservative kneejerk reaction. It’s almost like listening to rightwingers try to explain to me why net neutrality is a bad thing when they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. With that, we close the political portion of this thread.

When you say bigger…fleet? destinations serviced?..which DHL? TNT?

I do know at one point in time a couple years ago FedEx had tried to buy TNT…do not know what ever came of that, but I am not thinking it happened or we would have been told.