My iPad is at FL 350 over Western Canada right now....

Apple Stores have been sold out of most iPad models for the past ten days or so. So I ordered one online - and just yesterday got an e-mail notifying me it had shipped, along with a link to Fedex’ tracking service.

If you combine Fedex’ package tracking system, a little bit of intuition and knowledge of how their system operates, and Flight Aware, you can actually watch your package move around the globe. (Note: All Fedex freight coming from APAC comes into Anchorage Ted Stevens Intl. - which for some reason has the airport code PANC (“panic”!") - where it clears customs before being sent on to Memphis for distribution to FedEx regional hubs.

Don’t know if this phenomenon has been commented on previously - but this is just another example of how incredible I find modern technology.

I do it all the time with both FedEx and UPS.

I get jealous. My packages get to fly MD11’s, DC-10’s, A300’s, and other aircraft that I would like to fly in!

My last package originated in Athens, GA. I couldn’t find a flight from Athens to Atlanta (it probably went ground) but I did find the flights from Atlanta to Memphis and Memphis to Oakland.

If you order ink cartridges from HP you’ll find that the flights all leave from Memphis because HP has a distribution center near the FedEx facility there.

The site was being used for FedExAware before it was public. :slight_smile:

Athens to Atlanta is 80 miles (streets) pretty sure it went on a truck

I’m surprised you haven’t FedEX’d yourself for one more ride on a DC-10. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, this is a sahweet idea. Have to check it out with my next Amazon order!

I tracked my brothers camera from NY… :wink:

Anyone ever thought about combining FedEx/UPS and FA data? Real time package tracking on a map, including flight numbers? :open_mouth:

I assume their trucks are also equipped with GPS devices, so why not even go a step further?

I must admit, I’m an addict too when it comes to the use of FedEx tracking numbers and FA. :wink:

On a note: FedEx PANC does not have a customs office. Packages are cleared in either Memphis or Indianapolis.

Are you certain of that? I often see my computer shipments from CN being held in PANC awaiting Customs clearance, not MEM or IND. Once released from PANC I’ll usually receive them the following day.

You’re probably right, it does make sense to have clearance the point-of-entry. I’m located in Canada, so all I see is my US Bound packages being held in MEM or IND.

I watch the FE’s line up daily coming into KIND 2330 local…hopefully 23L so they come over the house.
Since I know where my coolers are coming from I have a good idea the flight based on scans.
BTW, FE Insight tracking blows away UPS QuantumView in ease of use.
Access, format, etc. IF someone were to integrate per OP…

You got that right! UPS’ packager tracker is nearly almost as bad as the Post Office’s tracker.

At least UPS actually works…