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Well… let the speculation begin…

Here we go again.

At least this time it is over land.

Ukraine airspace? hmmmm I wonder.

At least the search area is pretty well defined.
May be some difficulties with recovery tho’

Can anybody explain to me please, how was the last point in the MH17 flight tracker obtained? There seem to be no coverage in this region, and until 17 of July, all route points there were estimated.
Was it added manually, after the fact?

And the media feeding frenzy, I’m glad someone (Sgt. Boyd of the US Embassy in Ukraine) got a prank call in live on MSNBC . Just google Howard Stern MSNBC recent.

What’s to speculate? Terrorists shot it down, end of story.

I’ve read information that states there was a no-fly zone over Ukraine since July 8 imposed by the Ukrainian government. However looking at the flight history/activity log of Malaysia Airlines 17, it clearly shows the flight path directly over Ukraine every day this month (on 7/12 it took a different path but still flew over Ukraine).

Why wasn’t this news widespread? Why would Malaysia continue flying unsafely over Ukrainian airspace after that announcement?

How many more disasters can that airline bear?

Apparently it was no fly up to 32,000 feet. This airliner was at 33,000.

And you had six hours of news to view to come to that conclusion…

confused ?? I taught there were no Americans on board ??

Report: 23 Americans Among Passengers on Malaysia Airlines Jet That Was Shot Down

alternet.org/ap-malaysia-air … er-ukraine

Why did it deviate the route which both KLM and MA where flying all week. ??


qwik question and off topic :

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can the admin on this site filter spam ??

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Do you disagree with that assessment?

I had heard in coverage of this last night route deviations from previous flights had to do with thunderstorms. Whether any appear in these graphics I can’t tell.

A prevailing theory at the moment is that whoever shot down the plane thought it was a military cargo plane, not a commercial airliner.

Today’s Malaysia Airlines flight with the same flight number flew away from Ukraine.




Where can we check the weather of that day ?

Here’s a link for the weather over Kiev, Ukraine for the month of July, you can check other stats there as well.


Gotta say Kiev weather most likely (and weather in general) will have little affect on the cause or outcome.