Turkish Airlines

I guess no fly zone doesn’t include THY 417 over Ukraine today.

That is only the estimated route, not the current one.

No turkish flight is passing Ukraine, they all go via Poland/Belarus.

That was the original path:

Thanks for pointing that out, so my version of Flight Aware is basically useless when it comes to somewhat accurate flight paths? I feel like a fool because I sent info to my friends and others showing them this.

All programs will use estimates.
So nothing out of the ordinary there.
The thing is that it might be out of coverage for a while ( I don’t think there are that many flightfeeders in eastern europe) and then the calculation will be done on historical data for that flight and it will be showing estimated in the flight overview.

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Thanks for clarifying, I’m just a retired A/C mechanic no nothing, I’ve got a lot to learn :slight_smile:

It’s pretty likely that the reception en route did not work properly.
But it’S still strange, because there are dozens of feeders along the original route.

Maybe it’s something different with flights around the Ukraine area for security reasons.
Maybe Flightaware staff [@obj ) does have a better explanation

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