Mexican Airports -- ICAO Code List

I follow flights in and out of the Dallas area. Many of these flights are going to or coming from airports in Mexico. It’s been frustrating to me that FlightAware does not have a ‘mouse-hover’ label giving the cities for these airports. Typically I go to Google and try to figure it out from there.

I’ve just found that Wikipedia has a complete tabulation of ICAO codes, alphabetically, on a world-wide basis. Perhaps some of you would like to bookmark this Wikipedia list of Mexican airports. Codes for other frequently used letters [T, E, etc.] can be reached from the letter index at the top of the web page.

It’s sure more convenient that Google.

I usually google “ICAO MMUN”
“ICAO CANCUN” to derive such info.
I like to see several different pages to verify that the information is correct. Scrolling through the various google responses allows me to do that quickly.

That list MAY appear in such searches in the future. It looks very well done. Easy to distinguish between code, city and airport name.

A shorter way is to google the name of the airport. Enclose it in quotation marks if it’s more than one word.

What…? You mean google “General Heriberto Jara International Airport” as opposed to “Veracruz”? Yeah, I know, leave out the “general” and the “International Airport”, but you’re still left with “Heriberto Jara” - and then I have to worry about whether I’m spelling “Heriberto” right (double-R in “Heri”, or just one?). And that’s IF I happen to know the airport’s name… I’m more familiar with city names than airport names.

…and then there could be more than one airport containing “Heriberto”.

Too many open ends going by airport names for me.

I find that Google has hundreds or thousands of hits on just an airport name. Many of the top hits on page 1 don’t even contain the ICAO code, so we’re sometimes opening multiple web pages.

OTOH, by bookmarking the Wikipedia page as a ‘favorite’, the browser takes me to the code list in just one click. It’s more efficient than Google.

You need to learn how to use copy-and-paste. Highlight the name of the airport in FlightAware (the city name is NOT shown, just the airport name). Press ctrl-c (hold the ctrl key down and press the letter C) then paste (ctrl-v) into the search box (ctrl-v) in Google and, ole!, you get the airport’s associated city within the 1st 3 or 4 listings, usually the first one.

Oh, I’m intimately familiar with Copy-n-Paste (and Cut-n-Paste, and Eatin’ Paste - and doing a few more things with paste than you’ve ever imagined!).

The applications for which I might need the ICAO information run way beyond FlightAware. I may have the symbol and need the city, or I may have the city and need the symbol - and the name may never enter into the picture.

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Back to the topic at hand. I have learned to just put the city in with “airport” at the end. Heck with trying to figure out how to spell it.

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