Look up Aeromexico and you get ATE as a prefix (re: the kids in the tower at JFK). Look up traffic between JFK and MMMX and you get AMX which uses “Aeromexico” as a callsign, but has another corporate name. This took too long to figure out. I think AMX ought to come up before ATE if you type “Aeromexico” into the “Type part of airline name:” box. Jan / near CID (just a suggestion)

The “type part of airline name” box gives you the official name of the airline. Aeromexico is the dba (doing business as) name for the airline called Aerovias de Mexico.

The airline search feature changed last week to be much faster and more intuitive. This appears to be a glitch and I’ve reported it to the folks working on the project.

Thanks for the new and improved feature.

Thanks for the quick reply. Minor point, but I thought it was worth making (since it confused me thoroughly at the time). Love the stuff you’ve been doing, even though I am still figuring it all out. Keep up the good work. Jan nr CID