Finding callsigns/aliases


I tried searching for this, but I am unable to get the tracker to produce an airline name when I type in a callsign (Snowshoe is the one I am listening to now). It doesn’t work, either, on ones I know (such as Citus and Redwood). I’m pretty sure it used to, but I haven’t done this in a while. Should it work? How? Thanks - Jan near CID

#2 … CNTHME.htm
pdf version:

Chapter 3 contains call signs (“telephony” in FAA speak")


Thanks. I knew that. That wasn’t my question. Did the tracker not provide an airline name in the middle box “Airline Flight Tracker” on the left when one typed in the ATC alias? (“Mercury” “Redwood” “Cactus” etc., etc.). I thought it did and I was just doing something wrong. I can look them up other ways, but I thought it was feature of Flightaware… or was once. Thanks, Jan


No you are not ready for the padded walls. I remember seeing catcus next to US Airways in the past when I searched for US Air flights in that little popup search box.


I never got an answer to this. I forgot that brickyard was Republic airlines. Once upon a time the middle “airline” box would autocomplete with the airline name it thought you were looking for if you typed in the callsign (“brickyard, redwood, cactus” etc.). Is this still a feature? (I’m old enough that I forget these things all the time. It would be handy.)


When I enter a callsign (e.g. fivestar or redwood) in the airline box and then enter a flight number in the next box (e.g. 546 or 432 respectively), the flight that shows up is the aircraft with the same N number (e… N546 or N432).


Oh, that IS strange! I never got to the number. I was waiting for an autocomplete-like feature to prompt me with possible airline names. It did the same thing for me, “N312” in the top box. Now what is THAT for?


I think we removed them because they were confusing users and anyone who knows them probably knows the airline too or has a copy of the FAA reference.


Okay, thanks Mark. I’ll go back to what I was doing before, which is looking at arrivals/departures at major airports and hover over the listings which generates callsigns from airline codes. It is less convenient but works (or there is always Google). -Jan