Missing callsigns

Lately, I have noticed that airline callsigns are lacking on the flight pages. I wouldn’t understand most of the airline callsigns that I do without them being listed on flightaware. Is there a reason that this is so??

Can you post examples?

Among others…
BTA flights no longer say “Jetlink”
RPA flights no longer say “Brickyard”
VRD doesn’t have “Redwood”
There are more. I just forget which ones right now.

Atlantic Southeast (ASQ) “Acey”
PSA (JIA) “Bluestreak”

Delta (DAL) still says “Delta”
Castle (CSJ) still says “Castle”
Airnet Systems (USC) still says “Star Check”

The radio call sign is in the quotes. Obviously “castle” is Castle Aviation and “Delta” is Delta airlines. But it can get confusing when you get to PSA which is JIA and “bluestreak.” Same with Airtran-TRS-“Citrus” or Pinnacle-FLG-“Flagship”

None of which seem to fit together. and can get confusing if you’re watching FA and listening to the field’s radio. Please bring them back.