Airline Dropdown


I’d like to be able to choose an airline in the “Airline Name” field via a dropdown menu that’s been populated with previous selections.

So if I type America West into the field, the next time I come to the site, it’ll be there in a dropdown menu.

Orrrrrr, autofill would be nice as well.



It would be nice to type a callsign (“Lacy” is what I was looking for a while ago) and have it find the correct airline/charter service (or whatever the heck it is). Also, lookups for nondescriptive airport designators would be nice, too!
Thanks, Jan in Iowa


Both those would me mammoth jobs for the team. For callsigns and airports go to and click on the appropriate buttons to search.


I didn’t think it would be, because they already provide callsigns in quotes at the top of the information box when you do a lookup. (“America West Airlines” “Cactus”, etc.). The lookup site you reference is a dandy. Thanks! Could not find “lacy” but found others I am familiar with and looking up airports with names that give no clue where they are is easy on this site. Thanks, Jan